Recreational house for disabled people in Chernivtsi, western Ukraine

Accred OPS supported Parish of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Antony of the Ukrainian Catholic Church with establishing a new recreational house for disabled people and orphan children.

Currently in Chernivtsi, western Ukrainian town with appr. 280 thousand inhabitants, there is only 1 institution run by state where people with disabilities can meet, socialize and develop their everyday skills. The Parish of St. Antony received from a benefactor a house located on the banks of the river Prut, where they plan to create another such space for social interaction and education of the disabled people, as well as where summer camps and outdoor recreation will take place. The house itself has still to be renovated, made accessible, and equipped. At the moment the Parish is serving 7 families with people with disabilities and around 30 children from socially vulnerable or low-income families, orphans, and semi-orphans.

The donation received from the Accred OPS has been used to purchase the land plot near the house and to do some preparation works on the yard around the house.

For further details please see the Facebook page of the Parish