Union of European Football Associations (UEFA):

Event Management

UEFA Champions League

Final 2019, Madrid (Spain)

Final Tournament 2020, Portugal

Final 2021, Porto (Portugal)

Event Management

UEFA Europa League

Final 2019, Baku (Azerbaijan)

Final Tournament 2020, Germany

Final 2021, Gdansk (Poland)

Event Management

UEFA Super Cup

2019, Istanbul (Turkey)

2020, Budapest (Hungary)

2021, Belfast (Northern Ireland)

Event Management

UEFA Women’s Champions League

Final 2019, Budapest (Hungary)

Final Tournament 2020, Spain

Final 2021, Gothenburg (Sweden)

Event Management

UEFA Euro U21

Championship 2019, Italy

Championship 2021, Hungary & Slovenia


Consulting on revision of existing accreditation concepts and processes and the operational implementation for UEFA Euro 2020 and UEFA Nations League Finals 2019

Software Consulting

Consulting on the operational aspects of the adaption of the existing UEFA Accreditation software F.A.M.E.

Deutscher Fussball-Bund (DFB):


Consulting on the optimisation of business processes for accreditation (such as software adaptation, revision of existing accreditation concepts and processes, operational implementation, security checks)

PGA European Tour:

Operational Implementation

PGA European Tour 2019 and 2021,

PGA Challenge Tour 2021,

PGA Legends Tour 2021

Fédération Française de Football (FFF):

Access Management and Optimisation

Consulting on access management for all FFF Events as well as optimisation of business processes for accreditation (such as coordination of a tender for access control system, revision of existing accredit
ation concepts and processes)