Accred OPS

Event Management

Accred OPS provides services such as conceptual development, operational set-up and implementation of accreditation for events.

We offer tailored accreditation concepts for events based on safety-related risk analyses and operative targets. Apart from the adaptation of an event’s existing accreditation software or of third-party software, we manage data entry, coordinate – if necessary – with authorities for safety analysis and ensure the development of an accreditation-rights-matrix. We prepare high-quality accreditation badges of the highest safety-related standard, ensure the operative implementation of the issuing of accreditation badges and coordinate controls at the event site.

Accred OPS


Accred OPS provides consulting services regarding existing accreditation software, conceptual processes and on-site implementation, integrating the highest security standards.

We analyse existing accreditation software and processes while taking amongst other things the following questions into account:

  • Which technical advances can be integrated into the existing accreditation software to make data entry and processing more user-friendly?
  • How can we increase data quality?
  • Is the personal data available sufficient for the police to conduct security screening?
  • Do the accreditation badges allow for simple and effective access control?
  • Can the process for issuing accreditation badges be accelerated and made more cost-efficient?
  • Does every to be accredited persons have the correct access rights (not too many, not too few)?
  • Can the flexibility of issuing access rights be increased while taking into account the security levels at an event?

Accred OPS

Access Management

Accred OPS provides consulting services regarding access management, access control procedures, flow management, training of security staff in access control and development/adaptation of access device development.

We analyse access management and processes while taking amongst other things the following questions into account:

  • Are there sufficient entrances and personnel at the access controls or are there too many?
  • Can the access processes and walking routes at the site of the event be improved in order to optimise the number of security personnel?
  • Does security personnel conduct thorough and efficient security checks?
  • Does the security personnel have sufficient information for effective access control?
  • Can accreditation badges be improved so that security checks become easier? How?
  • At the end of an event, are the processes clear and the number of walking routes sufficient in order to guarantee a safe and rapid exit from the event site?

Accred OPS

Software Consulting

Accred OPS provides consulting services regarding operational aspects of the development of accreditation software for events, incorporating the latest Data Protection Regulations and highest security standards of badges production.

We consult on operational aspects of the development of accreditation software, such as:

  • User-friendly back office areas for easy and rapid accreditation software set-up and also for the execution of straightforward back-office processes
  • User-friendly input masks to ensure highest-possible data quality
  • Clear processes for accepting terms and conditions as well as privacy agreements
  • Integration of security/background screening tools
  • Reporting and analysis tools for effective debrief processes